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ROUNDUP: Government under pressure due to Wirecard investigation committee

BERLIN – In the scandal of alleged billion-dollar fraud at the now insolvent Dax (DAX 30) group Wirecard, the federal government is under increasing pressure. The opposition demanded clarification on Saturday, in particular from Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) and the Chancellery. The Greens and the FDP threatened a committee of inquiry in the Bundestag if this clarification failed to materialize, the left already considers it “inevitable”. The decision for a special meeting of the Finance Committee in the Bundestag could already be made this Monday.

Bafin boss Hufeld rejects allegations in the Wirecard scandal

BERLIN / ASCHHEIM – The head of the financial regulator Bafin, Felix Hufeld, rejects accusations against his authority in connection with the Wirecard scandal – and sees politics as a duty. “We are doing exactly the tasks that legislators have given us – everything else is not allowed in a democracy,” said Hufeld of the “Welt am Sonntag”. “We cannot just do what we want. People who claim that such fraud would not have been possible with another supervisory authority put sand in the eyes of the citizens.”

Meyer Werft closes operations for six weeks

PAPENBURG – In response to the corona-related slump in orders, the Meyer Werft shipyard, known for its cruise ships, will close its doors for six weeks from this Monday. The company is going on a kind of extended vacation vacation until August 30, said a company spokesman. The more than 3,000 employees still have to wait for their vacation pay – for the shipyard this is a chunk of 14 million euros, which will be paid out later.

ROUNDUP: Increasing interest in e-cars – SUVs are getting smaller and smaller

MNCHEN – According to a new survey, the popularity of electric cars among German drivers is increasing. At the moment, eleven percent of those interested in buying a car want to buy a purely electric car. The survey institute YouGov determined this on behalf of the comparison portal Check24. That was four percentage points more than the previous one Electric car– Survey about a year ago, as Check24 announced on Sunday in Munich.

Circles: Ebay wants to keep share of advertising business after sale

SAN JOSE – The online trading platform eBay apparently wants to keep a certain share in the sale of its advertising division. The Bloomberg news agency reported on Sunday, citing informed people. That would significantly reduce the chances of the investment company Prosus in the race for the takeover, it said. The subsidiary of the South African media group Naspers is said to have made the highest purchase bid for the division.

ROUNDUP 2: Tnnies wants to enforce wage reimbursement – Gemsehof in NRW isolated

BIELEFELD – Despite fierce criticism, meat producer Clemens Tnnies wants to enforce reimbursement of wages because of the official closure of his main plant. If necessary, the boss of the largest German slaughter company wants to fight this legally. “In case of doubt, this will also be the subject of justice,” he told the “Westfalen-Blatt” (Saturday).

Survey: Customers go to the bank branch less frequently in the corona crisis

BERLIN – In the corona crisis, many bank customers visit branches less often than before. Almost a third of senior citizens and those aged 18 to 59 have been to the bank less frequently since the pandemic, according to a survey by market research company Ipsos on behalf of the Federal Association of German Banks. The “Funke Mediengruppe” (Saturday) had previously reported on the survey.

ROUNDUP: Offshore wind energy is to be expanded – environmentalists at odds

HAMBURG – Following the Federal Government’s decision to expand offshore energy more, the locations for additional wind farms in the North and Baltic Seas must now be found. The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) has submitted a preliminary draft for a new area development plan, which associations and authorities can comment on until Monday. The plan is to determine the possible locations and the schedule for the expansion until 2030.

Siemens Energy boss does not rule out job cuts

MNCHEN – The new head of Siemens’ energy business, Christian Bruch, wants to change a lot in the company. “I am a friend of honest words: I cannot rule out job cuts at the moment. This applies everywhere in the world,” he told the Sddeutsche Zeitung (weekend). In addition, Siemens Energy needs employees who are ready for change. “But what we definitely don’t need are employees who want everything to stay the way it is.” Most recently, around 91,000 people worked for the energy sector.


Additional Reports

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-Study: Germany violated arms export criteria

-Tnnies wants to enforce labor cost reimbursement if necessary

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