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Düsseldorf table 2020: This is how much support is due to children of divorce


Net income of the person liable for cash maintenance

Child support is calculated from the net income of the person liable for cash maintenance. Deductible from this income are work-related expenses that can be clearly distinguished from private living costs. This amount can also be estimated at a flat rate of 5 percent of net income, with a minimum of 50 euros (or less for marginal part-time work) and a maximum of 150 euros per month. If the work-related expenses exceed the flat rate, then these must be documented in total.

Debts, if they are “eligible”, are usually deducted from income. Debts that were incurred while the parents were living together can be taken into account. These are deductible as long as at least the minimum maintenance (lowest rate in the Düsseldorf table) is guaranteed.

Debts incurred before the child was born can also be taken into account. This could be a parent’s BAföG debts or debts to furnish the apartment. In the case of debts that were later accumulated, the reason for the liability is decisive. Debts incurred through the purchase of an (unnecessarily) expensive car or a trip around the world are not deductible.

Tip: You can find an overview of the guidelines for maintaining the Düsseldorf table on the website of the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court. There you will find information on maintenance income, child maintenance, spousal maintenance and so-called deficiency cases.

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