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Electric offensive: Porsche shares: Porsche can imagine autonomous driving without VW | news

For the top-end models, Porsche wants to develop and produce its own battery cells, said CFO Lutz Meschke in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper. “The second pillar is of course the cooperation with VW and the VW partners. And thirdly, we also purchase batteries from external suppliers.”

By 2030, 80 percent of new Porsche cars should be fully electric. So far, however, Porsche has only one with the Taycan electric car on offer. However, Meschke expressed confidence that the electric version of the Macan, which had difficulties with the software, will be launched in 2024. “The hardware, i.e. the vehicle itself, will soon be ready,” he said.

According to the CFO, it has not yet been finally decided whether Porsche will make itself independent of the majority owner VW when it comes to autonomous driving. “But it is conceivable that we could go our own way and work together with a technology company that is renowned in this field,” said Meschke. “We’re having good talks about that.”


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