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Employer President urges further easing in corona crisis | message


BERLIN (Dow Jones) – After the first easing of the corona measures in the retail trade, the president of the Federal Association of Employers’ Associations (BDA), Ingo Kramer, asked to check further openings step by step. “If the number of infections continues to be stable, we should also consider opening other sales areas, restaurants and cafes, provided that the distance and hygiene rules can be observed there,” said Kramer of the Passauer Neue Presse. He was confident that better control of the pandemic would “normalize the consumer climate and the economy”.

Despite the federal and state aid packages, nobody knew where the economy was at the end of the year. “We cannot rule out irreparable economic damage and possible corporate insolvencies,” said Kramer. In addition to the corona follow-up costs, the economy should not be burdened further. After the crisis, it would be crucial “to continue to maintain the 40 percent mark in social security contributions”. Kramer also called for the plans for the basic pension to be discussed again from scratch.

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April 27, 2020 09:11 ET (13:11 GMT)

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