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EnBW levies a penalty on long parking at charging stations | message


BERLIN (Dow Jones) – The Baden-Württemberg state utility EnBW wants to prevent the blocking of electric charging stations. From November 2nd, drivers of electric cars will be charged a fee if they continue to park in the charging area after four hours. For all charging processes in the EnBW mobility + network, 9.75 cents per minute are then charged, up to a maximum of 11.70 euros. Anyone who releases charging points again after charging is not affected.

EnBW justifies the measure with analyzes, according to which the downtime of e-cars at charging stations beyond the pure charging time is increasing in many places. This means that other e-car drivers cannot use the charging stations. The company explains that almost 95 percent of all charging processes are finished after an average of three hours.

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September 23, 2020 7:43 AM ET (11:43 GMT)

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