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EU Commission calls for uniform criteria for corona risk areas | message


BERLIN (AFP) – In view of the increasing number of corona infections, the European Commission is pushing for an EU-wide uniform definition of risk areas and for not closing borders. “I urge the member states to come to an agreement quickly in the coming days,” said the responsible Vice-President of the EU Commission, Vera Jourova, of the newspaper “Die Welt” (Friday edition) to define criteria for risk areas.

“We owe that to the people of Europe.” Jourova emphasized that the EU Commission had already recommended a kind of corona traffic light for Europe at the beginning of September: “We proposed to agree on a common map with green, orange and red zones.” The Europeans now need “clarity and confidence in expectations” and not a “patchwork of measures”. The European Commissioner also advocated “coordinating the measures for travelers who move to a risk area or between two risk areas”.

This should avoid a jumble of regulations for corona tests and quarantine. Jourova took a clear position against ordering border closings again because of the corona pandemic, as in spring. “Some restrictions are of course necessary, but one thing is clear: the corona virus is present all over Europe, and we will not get it under control by closing borders, but only by working together,” said the EU Commissioner to “Welt “. Many Europeans relied on free movement in the EU every day, such as students or commuters.

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