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Euro am Sonntag poll: Cloud solutions in check: Which work cloud is number 1 | message


by Bernhard Bomke, Euro on Sunday

VMany employees who are used to sitting at desks have learned about the advantages and disadvantages of working from home in recent months. Some find it fantastic not to have to leave the house in the morning, others miss their colleagues and what the real estate expert Werner Rohmert calls “power and network management”: the workplace in the usual office.

But the home office is not just a matter of taste, it is also a question of the technical possibilities. Many office workers use so-called cloud solutions, which are used to exchange data with colleagues or business partners. We wanted to know how well the services were received by users. So on Sunday, € uro commissioned the German customer institute with an online survey that ran for seven weeks on the investor website Like € uro am Sonntag, the portal belongs to the Finanz Verlag.

Five widely used services were rated against 19 individual criteria. Remarkable: The survey participants expressed such positive comments about their experiences with the cloud providers that no one in the overall rating scored lower than “good”.

Nextcloud received the best ratings. The provider achieved the maximum number of points in five of the six categories (see tables and “How was asked”). The participants emphasized that the cloud service can be used intuitively and makes it easier to work with colleagues. The Nextcloud users were also more satisfied with the storage space than the users of the other services. The Nextcloud community was also particularly satisfied with the synchronization speed, but here the field is close together. So if a user is in a bad mood: It is generally not due to the pace of cloud technology.

Most satisfied users with Nextcloud

When it comes to value for money, Nextcloud users are clearly the most satisfied again. The other four services, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud (Apple) and Microsoft OneDrive, are significantly behind. Dropbox users needed most nerves if they wanted to reach customer service. When they finally had it, they were even more satisfied with its work than the users of Google Drive.

There remains the question of whether users would recommend their service. Most users of Dropbox and Google Drive would not do that. Not so with Nextcloud: A large majority recommend the service.

So was asked

The survey on cloud solutions, which the German customer institute carried out with (belongs to the finance publishing house as well as € uro on Sunday), was carried out in six thematic areas, which were included in the overall rating with a weighting of 10 to 25 percent. User satisfaction (“Would you recommend the cloud service to others?”) Was weighted with 25 percent, “technical implementation” with 20 percent, the categories “customer service”, “price-performance ratio” and “user friendliness” with 15 percent each and the aspect of “security” (“My data is safe with the cloud service”) with ten percent.


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