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Euro on Sunday reveals: Something is wrong here! Private equity – first money, then take over message


by Jrg Lang, Euro on Sunday

Also new is the recommendation of the Ministry of Labor that investments in private equity are an appropriate investment for pension plans. So far, the funds have only been accessible to experienced investors. A central bank that buys loans and investors who put money in investment companies through savings plans are an explosive mixture: investment companies can invest more, and if they refinance purchases, the central bank buys bonds. Private equity firms are doing well in such an environment. No wonder the shares of KKR, Blackstone or Carlyle flirt with historical highs. Apollo Global has already surpassed them.

The money that private equity receives must also be invested. It is likely that Company acquisitions will increase. Companies that do not have a secure shareholder structure, have a stable revenue stream and / or bring usable assets are eligible as candidates. The German course slip also has such values ​​ready. At ProSiebenSat.1 KKR has already got in. The still small share of five percent is likely to be expanded. The share of Hugo Boss has become cheap again. The Edelschneider has been owned by the investment company Permira Bought. The largest shareholder, the Marzotto family, may be looking for a co-shareholder to take over. At metro there is a block of family stockholders who like to get out on appropriate courses. Because the group receives billions from company sales, this is certainly an exciting starting point. Investment companies with correspondingly deep pockets could also look to the potash mine K + S dare. Today the stock is trading at a sixth of the value that competitor Potash once wanted to pay.

Our columnist Jrg Lang has been dealing with stocks since 1988.


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