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“Expensive startup”: Investor criticizing Tesla: Elon Musk can do one thing particularly well message


Tesla “just an expensive startup”?
Expert on profit taking
Tesla polarizes

Opinions differ on the electrical engineer Tesla. While numerous investors in the company of Elon Musk Invest and the Tesla share was able to reach new record prices this year thanks to a rally, the company has always been accompanied by critical voices. Many experts warn of a possible Tesla bubble – especially against the background that Tesla’s massive stock valuation does not go hand in hand with business development.

“Tesla is just a very expensive startup”

Darren Sissons, portfolio manager at Campbell, Lee & Ross, raised concerns about Tesla with BNN Bloomberg. The expert said: “In a way, I see it as a very expensive startup run by a man I don’t trust much”.

In this context, Sissons accuses the head of the electric car manufacturer, Elon Musk, of being able to do one thing particularly well: “make money for yourself”.

He himself would shorten the Tesla share if he “had the courage”. He particularly refers to the relative valuation of Tesla compared to the competition from Tata, Ford or GM – “this is a massive difference,” Sissons continued.

Investors should take profits

Even though he is generally positive about the electric car market, he warns against investing money in Tesla. “Don’t confuse a good product with a good investment,” said Sissons. Investors who made money with Tesla should take their winnings with them and possibly only “play” with part of the money and invest it elsewhere, he says.

Analysts are ambiguous

Sissons is not alone in his critical view of Tesla. Matt Maley, chief market strategist at Miller Tobacco, had also recently found warning words and warned of a pullback of the Tesla share.

But there are also significantly more optimistic expert voices: Most recently, the analysis company Jefferies had raised the price target for Tesla from $ 650 to $ 1,200 and left the classification on “Buy”. Analyst Philippe Houchois pointed out that the corona crisis was a catalyst on the way to electromobility and Tesla, as the top dog, was particularly benefiting from it.

The analyst community is similarly divided about the Tesla share, like the stock market :: After all, the Tesla share certificate is one of the most popular stocks at all, while the stocks on the stock market have been in an unbroken upward rally and have more than in the past six months 120 percent were able to gain.

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