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Faster results: How the Corona Test from Bosch works message


According to information from the Sddeutsche Zeitung, a confidential strategy paper from the Federal Ministry of the Interior contains an urgent recommendation to the government to expand the corona tests throughout Germany as quickly as possible. The role model is South Korea, which was able to identify and isolate sick people early on through very extensive examinations. The spread of the virus was slowed down considerably. In order to make this procedure possible here, the test capacities nationwide would have to be increased. The Bosch company now wants to help with a new quick test.

The automatic rapid corona test

According to a press release from Bosch, the new test should be quick and easy to perform. The “Vivalytic analyzer” required for the examination is designed to be very user-friendly, so that no specially trained personnel are required. As a result, the test could “support medical facilities such as doctor’s offices, hospitals, laboratories and health centers with a quick diagnosis”. In addition, the process was completely automatic. After the patient has been sampled, the reagents only have to be introduced into the device. The result would then be a maximum of 2.5 hours later. According to the manufacturer, the test has an accuracy of over 95 percent. The procedure also complies with the requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO).

“With the Bosch COVID-19 rapid test, we want to contribute to the rapid containment of the corona pandemic,” said Dr. Volkmar Denner, CEO of Robert Bosch GmbH, in the press release. He also added that infected patients could be identified and isolated more quickly. Another advantage is the on-site analysis. Important time that was previously lost when the samples were transported to a laboratory can now be saved.

However, the German company did not develop the new process all by itself. The rapid test is the result of a collaboration between the Bosch Healthcare Solutions subsidiary and the Northern Irish medical technology company Randox Laboratories Ltd. The product will be available on the German market from April. Further European and non-European countries will then follow.

This is how the test runs

A swab is used to take a sample from a patient’s nose or throat and place it in a cartridge. The medical staff then inserts them into the Vivalytic analyzer and lets the evaluation run. While waiting, additional patients can be treated or other tasks can be done. The result is then determined in less than 2.5 hours. However, this not only provides an answer to whether the patient has COVID-19, but also indicates the pathogen in the case of another virus infection. The differential diagnosis allows conclusions to be drawn about nine other respiratory diseases such as influenza A and B. This saves doctors from having to carry out additional tests and enables the initiation of immediate treatment.
At full capacity, up to ten tests can be carried out with one device in one day. If several analysis devices are available, it is possible to test several patients at the same time, which can relieve the stress on laboratories.

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