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Already knew? At Brokerage you can trade all UBS derivatives in August in direct trading for € 0.00 order commission (from € 1,500 order volume).

No deposit yet? Then switch to the “cheapest bank for all deposit models” (financial test 11/2019) and to the multiple test winner the specialist magazines € uro and € uro am Sonntag!3

Voucher for new customers: If you open your brokerage account now, will give you a voucher for a subscription to aktien-Magazin as a thank you. Read the magazine from the TraderFox editorial team half a year for only 1 € flat rate (regular: 174 €).2

At a glance: all information about the depot

New customer campaign: All information about the voucher

FreeTrade campaign: All information at a glance

An overview of the FreeTrade campaign with UBS

  • 0.00 Euro order commission1 per trade
  • for thousands of investment and leverage products from UBS, including index, bonus, discount certificates, warrants, knockouts, factor certificates or reverse convertible bonds,
  • in over-the-counter direct and limit trading with UBS,
  • From a minimum order volume of € 1,500 in accordance with the terms of the offer,
  • plus € 2.00 flat-rate trading venue fee.
  • The FreeTrade promotion is valid from August 1st to August 31st, 2020 for all structured products from UBS.

By the way: You can trade shares and all other securities on German trading venues with Brokerage permanently for € 5.00 order commission per trade. You can save funds and ETFs for just € 1.00 per execution as a savings plan. You can also trade thousands of investment and leverage products from our premium partners in direct trading for only EUR 2.50 order commission. Compare the conditions with your broker here!

Your new customer bonus

New customer bonus - voucher for aktien-Magazin

Look forward to a very special stock market magazine! “Aktien” is required reading for investors who want to invest systematically. As a reader, you benefit from

  • Strategies for 10% to 20% return per year,
  • independent recommendations on promising stocks,
  • Top lists of major investment trends,
  • successful model portfolios and
  • sophisticated investment strategies.
  • Read here for a sample edition!

Please note the conditions of participation for the time-limited new customer campaign.2

Get information now and open a deposit

All information about the new customer voucher

All information about the FreeTrade campaign

By the way: Your deposit can be requested in a few minutes and opened quickly. You can conveniently legitimize yourself at the nearest post office using Video-Ident or Post-Ident. Of course, you can also transfer your securities straight away to your new securities account – free of charge within Germany (with identical securities account holders). With this form you transmit your securities, the acquisition data and any loss offsetting balances. Change now – it’s worth it!

_____ is a website of GmbH. The exclusive cooperation partner of is onvista bank, a brand of comdirect bank, which is your contractual partner for the account / custody account and other financial services.

1) The FreeTrade campaign is valid from 08/01/2020 to 08/31/2020 for purchases and sales in over-the-counter direct and limit trading for € 0.00 plus a flat-rate trading venue fee in accordance with H. v. € 2.00, total price € 2.00, with the Premium Plus partner UBS for order sizes from € 1,500. Please see the full terms and conditions of the offer / promotion.

2) This promotion is a time-limited promotion by, which is valid from April 1st, 2020 to August 31st, 2020. Please note the conditions of participation and requirements. You can see this at

3) Test winner online broker test 2019 (Euro am Sonntag edition 32/2019) and 1st place in the bank test 2019 (€ uro, edition 05/2019)

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