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“Giga Berlin”: Elon Musk shows planned Tesla factory near Berlin on the Internet message


The entrepreneur showed a vision of the finished plant in Grnheide in Brandenburg on Twitter on Wednesday and only wrote his message “Giga Berlin”. The picture shows a large building and several small ones. The main building in the foreground with a solar roof has a wide entrance and a glass window front on the second floor. The factory is called Gigafactory by Tesla. By early afternoon, more than 200,000 Twitter users had commented on the picture with a heart (“I like it”).

According to information from industry insiders, the main building will house a lobby, the body shop, the press shop, the paint shop, the foundry and the final assembly. Among other things, offices are planned on the second floor. Drive production is planned in one of several outbuildings. The paint shop and drive production should therefore have priority during construction.

Musk, who is also known for unconventional Twitter messages, answered a question “Rooftop swimming pool?” with “Sure.” After his idea of ​​a “mega rave cave” from March, he once again made dance fans curious: “Could be a indoor and outdoor rave room on the roof,” he wrote on Twitter.

From July of next year, Tesla plans to roll up to 500,000 vehicles a year from the assembly line in Grnheide in Brandenburg. The final environmental approval from the state of Brandenburg is still pending. Tesla is already building at its own risk through early approvals. The Brandenburg State Environment Agency recently gave the green light for the foundation and structural work with an early start.

Part of the plant – press shop and foundry – is to be built on piles, Tesla is planning an application for pile foundations. Environmentalists fear negative effects, among other things, on the groundwater. So far, over 370 objections to the project have been received, and more are possible after a modified application for approval.

To relieve traffic, the Brandenburg Ministry of Transport is planning to invest 100 million euros in rails and roads from the state’s future fund, which was raised by credit. The majority is intended for projects from 2021 to 2023, as can be seen from a response from the Ministry to a request from the left-wing parliamentary group.

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