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Higher CO2 taxation: VW boss Diess pushes for purchase premiums message


“The next few weeks will be crucial,” said Diess of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (F.A.S.) in view of the corona-related economic downturn. “Therefore, no fundamental discussions, but focus on the economy and pace. Otherwise, we will run out of time.”

This emphasized that the premium should not only apply to electric cars: “We need the premium regardless of the type of drive, for the entire product range.” When it comes to electric cars, VW is already at the capacity limit, and some models are already sold out. Even modern combustion engines could reduce CO2 emissions by 30 percent compared to the existing fleet. The premium is not specifically about the car industry, but about the economy as a whole. “If you ask how you can best boost the economy, you end up in the automobile very quickly in Germany,” said the CEO.

In return, as an incentive to buy environmentally friendly vehicles, Diess demanded a radical conversion of vehicle and mineral oil taxes to emissions of climate-damaging emissions and a general increase in the CO2 price. Instead of the planned entry rate of 25 euros, it should better be 50 euros, the manager explained. This is “absolutely manageable for ordinary people,” said Diess, who has already geared his corporate strategy strongly to electric drives.

In view of the tougher CO2 emissions targets planned by the EU up to 2030, Diess was skeptical in conversation with the newspaper. “A further tightening still needs to be discussed,” he said. As a result of the long-term switch from the combustion engine to the electric motor, numerous jobs in Germany have already been lost. “If we accelerate this process further, it means even more change in less time, we have to be clear about that,” warned the VW boss.

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