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Holidays: Holidays on the high seas: this is what you need to consider on a cruise | news

Overwhelming range of offers

Interested parties who are looking for a cruise are offered a colorful and varied range of trips from different providers in different holiday regions and on ships of different sizes and equipment. Especially for people who want to book a cruise for the first time, it can be difficult to keep track. Expert advice in a travel agency can help to find the right offer for your own needs, according to Alina Menold from the Lower Saxony consumer center to Travelbook.

Different providers

The global cruise market is dominated by four different players. According to Cruise Market Watch, offerings from Royal Caribbean Group (RCI), Carnival Corporation, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCL) and MSC Cruises are the most in demand, according to the information portal t online. All providers offer a wide range of trips in different holiday regions, but the concepts of the cruise ships sometimes differ significantly. While the “Wonder of the Seas” from Royal Caribbean, the largest cruise ship in the world, resembles a spectacular amusement park, “Mein Schiff” from the TUI Cruises fleet and thus also part of the Royal Caribbean Group appears comparatively unspectacular.

Watch out for hidden costs

Cruises are usually advertised as all-inclusive offers, but in fact often not all services on board are included and the offers sometimes differ significantly. While on some ships all alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and a visit to the à la carte restaurants are included in the cruise price, the free offer on other ships only includes food in the buffet restaurant and table drinks such as water. Many providers offer special beverage packages, the benefits of which must be assessed individually. There may also be so-called service fees or tips to be paid in advance. Furthermore, vacationers should keep an eye on their mobile and internet usage during the cruise and carefully check their contract in advance with regard to the applicable roaming conditions in order to avoid unwanted additional costs. Equally important is adequate insurance cover, which covers costs incurred in the event of illness or cancellation, for example, according to the consumer center to Travelbook.

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