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How much money can Airbnb generate


Property owners who rent out their property are hoping for a solid income, which is usually on top of their salaries. But “normal” rentals only bring in a fraction of what landlords can get if they offer their apartments, houses & Co. as holiday apartments on Airbnb or similar websites.

The British newspaper Daily Mail asked landlords and found out how much rental income they generate through Airbnb: An Airbnb landlady has made a six-figure amount from four properties in five years, other landlords receive up to £ 30,000 per apartment (about 35,000 euros ) annually.

Check-in, check-out and cleaning are often outsourced

Lucy Griffiths from Camden is the woman who made six-figure earnings from Airbnb rentals alone. As she told the Daily Mail, she bought her first property while pregnant with her first son. She now owns four apartments, all of which she loves to renovate and furnish herself. She has now outsourced the daily tasks such as receiving guests and cleaning. As in sleep, she generates decent income on the side.

Sally Jones, a former BBC presenter, has landed a real stroke of luck with an apartment in Notting Hill. She earns between £ 25,000 and £ 30,000 a year through Airbnb rentals of the apartment. She bought the apartment in 2013, and because of the rising real estate costs, she wanted “one foot in the door,” she told the Daily Mail.

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If you want to rent out with Airbnb, good photos are the most important thing

Jones doesn’t do the annoying tasks like receiving guests and cleaning himself either. In her opinion, the most important point if you want to rent out real estate at short notice via Internet portals are the photos. Because these decide on the first impression of the apartment and which holiday apartment tourists choose.

If you rent with Airbnb, you pay the company about 13 percent of the income generated by it. If you offer an apartment for 100 euros a night, you still have 87 euros of the costs that guests pay after deduction. Those who offer apartments for short-term stays can charge significantly more than with long-term rentals.

10,000 pounds annually from a tree house built from old boards

What can be a nuisance are the tasks already mentioned, such as handing over the keys, checking in and checking out of guests and cleaning the property. Some landlords report the feeling of constantly having to be on call. Most of the people who rent “professionally”, however, do not do this themselves – and they still have a lot of money left. Incidentally, Airbnb rentals are not allowed everywhere: This type of rental is not welcome, especially in large cities where there is a shortage of housing.

But Airbnb apartments don’t always take away important living space in the city. Many landlords are very creative and, for example, convert old caravans or containers into cozy holiday apartments. Mark Nieman, for example, simply built a tree house on his farm – with old boards and other recycled material that he would otherwise not have needed. After all costs have been deducted, he earns about £ 10,000 annually, according to the Daily Mail. His visitors like the “old-for-new” concept. They also find the tree trunk that protrudes through the middle of the bedroom particularly impressive.

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