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A renovation costs money. The goal is to achieve targeted visual improvements within your own four walls. Minor damage caused by daily use should be eliminated and living comfort should be improved. Many tasks can be taken over by the owners themselves, such as wallpapering and painting the walls or renewing the flooring.

Proper planning is important

A large number of decisions about measures and products have to be made for each construction project. Each of these has an impact on the cost and duration of the project. For this reason, precise planning is the most important step to success. A list of the work in hand helps to keep an eye on the costs and to calculate them realistically. If you want to give a new look to several rooms, start with one room and renovate it completely.

The kitchen and bathroom are the most common construction sites for renovation work. If you inform yourself here in advance, you can save even more in the end. Which brands and manufacturers have the best price-performance ratio? Hobby craftsmen can get inspiration from catalogs, trade fairs or bathroom and kitchen exhibitions. Those who wait for sales or discounts can also benefit. Online shops are also an option here, because they are often much cheaper than, for example, a sanitary specialist. However, the sale of bathroom or kitchen equipment is an important source of income for many companies. Therefore, clarify what the service would cost without and with material. Often, the work performance becomes more expensive if no material is brought along. The help of a professional craft company can be worthwhile in any case and not only because of the existing experience and specialist knowledge. Because if you want to take too much into your own hands right from the start of the work, you often have to deal with delays and additional costs. With demolition work or the finishing touches to colors and wallpaper, however, expert neighbors or friends can still be of great help and save the craftsman a lot of work and thus save your own wallet. If you do not have your own tools for this, you can borrow them free of charge from friends or in the hardware store for little money.

However, before you buy a completely new facility, see if you can still use some of the parts from your home in the new rooms. One or two beautiful mirrors, which were actually intended for the living area, can give a new bathroom more charm than a normal square bathroom mirror. Old chairs or cupboards, if they have been treated for moisture, can also be used.

As so often in life, the same applies to the renovation of the apartment or house: If you carefully study offers, compromise on the choice of materials and take your own brush and hammer, you can save money. This can then be invested in new furniture and / or decorative elements to make your home even more comfortable.

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