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Later than expected: Boeing 737 Max is unlikely to take off again before 2021 – the share yields | message


That would be almost two months later than expected. There are further regulatory delays, according to government officials and the aviation industry.

The popular and widespread commercial aircraft under David Calhoun, the manufacturer’s new boss, would have been on the ground for at least as long as under his predecessor Dennis Muilenburg. After repeated delays in restarting the machine, he had to take his hat off at the end of 2019.

The latest schedule, government officials said, is that the U.S. Aviation Administration will not complete its exams before the end of October or early November after the flight ban in March 2019. The FAA had decided to obtain public statements before completing the process of software and hardware changes and releasing the aircraft. Supervisors around the world could take weeks to join in the decision.

The completion of the subsequent pilot training and maintenance – and the associated final FAA approval of the aircraft of the individual airlines – is expected to take well into December, said the agency representatives. Only then can the Max – responsible for two crashes that cost a total of 346 people their lives – return to commercial service.

Problems with the flight simulator on which the pilots are trained could drag the process even further. The start in passenger traffic could be delayed until February or beyond, said a branch representative familiar with the details with a view to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

A Boeing spokesman said his company is working closely with the FAA and other international regulators to “meet their expectations as we work to safely put the 737 Max back into service.” However, the authorities set the schedule.

The coronavirus pandemic has made the approval process difficult. FAA representatives work from home, it is difficult to get pilots to take ground simulator tests. Boeing CEO Calhoun had long hoped that the Max would get its flight approval again by the third quarter.

Because of Covid-19, air traffic is restricted worldwide. Airlines hold thousands of aircraft on the ground and are now significantly less eager to reinstate their approximately 400 Max-Jets in their flight plans than before the pandemic.

In addition to the machines that have already been delivered, there are just as many new machines at Boeing that have not yet been delivered to customers.

On Tuesday, the FAA issued its most positive statement yet about the process of restarting the 737 Max. A security directive on changes in software, hardware and pilot training will be issued shortly, the FAA said. However, it could then take two months or more for all public comments to be received and related questions to be resolved after the document was published. This approach was not included in earlier schedules.

Over the next few weeks, a group of international pilots will take part in flight simulator tests to review more than half a dozen changes to checklists and emergency procedures in the cockpit. Experts from an external agency should analyze changes to the construction separately.

In addition, some airlines have signaled that they may organize demonstration flights to inform passengers about safety issues before resuming routine service with the Max, which could further delay regular air travel around the world.

DHL has Boeing convert four planes into cargo planes

DHL Express has ordered four 767-300 Converted Freighters from Boeing. The subsidiary of Deutsche Post wants to modernize and enlarge its fleet with efficient and reliable cargo aircraft.

The aircraft will be purchased as part of the modernization of the DHL intercontinental fleet in order to fly more environmentally friendly and cost-effectively. The measure also takes into account the continuing increase in demand for global express capacity. Boeing will convert the original passenger aircraft into cargo aircraft.

Boeing stock temporarily drops 0.6 percent to $ 177.53 on the NYSE.

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