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Lauterbach warns of face-to-face lessons as a “super spreading event” in winter | message


BERLIN (Dow Jones) – In view of the increasing number of infections, the SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach has called for classes to be stopped for individual school subjects and for classes to start at different times. “Face-to-face lessons can turn into a super spreading event in autumn and winter,” Lauterbach told the Rheinische Post. In order to contain the incidence of infection, classes in all schools should begin in the morning for some of the students and at noon for the others, suggested Lauterbach.

“This requires a streamlined curriculum for the current school year in which, for once, some subjects do not have to be taught – or only virtually.” This would prevent overcrowded classrooms and rush hour in schools and reduce the risk of infection, for example on buses and trains. It dampened expectations that young people could be vaccinated at the same time as adults. “It is not expected that we will be able to vaccinate children and adolescents in the coming year,” he said. They are not part of ongoing studies.

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October 06, 2020 02:36 ET (06:36 GMT)

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