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Longer-lasting smartphones: an old smartphone can work like new in just a few steps | news



Smartphones are becoming more durable

Some time ago it was customary to buy a new smartphone at regular and above all short periods of one to two years. The reason for this was mostly out of date hardware; newer devices had significantly better cameras and processors. Or the battery power of the smartphones decreases over time.
But today, on average, consumers hold on to devices longer, as statistics show. The fact that smartphones now cost up to 1,200 euros is just one aspect of why users have been using a device for between three and four years. Because the technology and hardware of smartphones from the recent past make the devices still usable today. Not only is the quality of the cameras on smartphones up to four years old today more than adequate, the built-in batteries have also become more durable over the years.
The smartphones that were released a few years ago still perform a large part of the necessary tasks today. This means that switching to new smartphones is often no longer necessary. In order to improve the longevity of the devices, the consumer also has a number of options.

Software updates and reduced storage space

If the smartphone no longer works as usual – for example because of longer reaction times or errors when starting certain applications – it is no longer necessary to buy a new one today.
It is always advisable to install the latest version of the software; this usually helps to solve errors and security problems. Although users of older devices report frequent changes to the speed of their smartphone as a result of the updates, this is the only way to guarantee that the latest features can be used. For younger devices, software updates usually only have positive effects.
In addition to outdated software, full storage space also reduces performance. But even here you can avoid a new purchase with just a few clicks. Because regardless of whether Android or Apple smartphone, the manufacturers offer expandable cloud storage. Accordingly, the internal storage space can be relieved by uploading photos and videos to the cloud.
Android users can use unlimited online storage for photographs free of charge, but the image quality is reduced here. Android users have 15GB of storage space available without any loss of quality, which can be expanded to 100GB for 1.99 euros per month.
Fr. iOS The iCloud offers 5GB of free storage space for devices, but Apple also allows its users to expand the cloud storage. The cheapest option is to upgrade to 50GB for 99 cents per month.
If you are averse to using cloud storage, you could delete seldom used applications and files from the device, thus freeing up internal storage space.

Save energy

If the battery life of the smartphone leaves something to be desired, there are also options available to users here to improve them. Individual apps often consume a lot of energy due to background updates; this can be checked in the settings on Android and iOS devices and you can act accordingly. In some cases, the background update can be specifically turned off when the app is not in use. Dimming the backlight also contributes to a longer battery life.
If none of the measures bring the desired success, replacing the battery is an alternative to buying a new one. For Apple devices, this is done in less than an hour in most electronics stores. Depending on the model, the user can expect costs from 49 euros to replace the battery , unless it is a guarantee case.
An exchange is also possible for Android devices, however, due to the variety of different manufacturers, more research is required. It is important to note which specialist retailer will replace the battery on certain devices.


If you are basically satisfied with your smartphone, it is advisable to consider the options mentioned above before buying a new one, as these often lead to the desired increase in performance of the device.
It is only when the smartphone no longer works as expected that buying a new device can usually no longer be avoided.

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