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Motorbike insurance comparison (04/2020): Tips for the cheapest tariffs


Motorbike insurance for enduro riders

“Type 2” drives a light enduro, which, like the chopper driver, only permits seasonally. His favorite models are the Suzuki V-Strom 250, the BMW G 310 GS and the KTM 690. In our comparison, “Type 2” drives a Honda CRF 250 L with 18.4 kW (25 hp) and a displacement of approximately 250 cc.

Just like the chopper driver, our 40-year-old enduro driver wants to register his Honda CRF 250 L with a seasonal license plate from March to September. During this period, he expects a mileage of almost 5,000 kilometers, he uses his Honda CRF 250 L only privately and exclusively on his own.

The result: In the case of liability insurance with partial coverage (deductible of 150 euros), our enduro driver gets the cheapest out of it with DEVK active protection. For 29.36 euros per year, the coverage is a flat rate of 100 million euros (maximum coverage per injured person: 12 million euros), a Mallorca policy is included and the insurer is not responsible for damage caused by gross negligence, but not in the event of damage resulting from the consumption of alcoholic beverages or other intoxicating substances. Neither a marten bite nor a collision with animals other than wild game are insured with DEVK Aktiv-Schutz – this benefit should be included because motorcyclists often have to use them.

The enduro rider from our test costs a similar amount to insure the DA directly with the Comfort tariff. For 29.94 euros, our enduro driver receives liability insurance with partial coverage (also 150 euros deductible). The coverage amount per injured person is still slightly higher than with DEVK active protection and is 15 million euros per person. As with the DEVK, the flat-rate coverage is 100 million euros. This tariff also includes a Mallorca policy. However, the DA directly insures direct damage caused by animal bites and collisions with game birds or farm animals are also covered by the policy. As a result, the DA directly, which was also awarded “good” by TÜV Saarland for its service quality and price-performance ratio, offers the enduro rider complete protection in our test. Another good thing for policyholders: You can add various protection components to your insurance directly at DA Direkt.

The services of BarmeniaDirect The TopSchutz tariff is very comprehensive, but as an insured person you pay a little more here than at DA Direkt and DEVK: The insurance premium is EUR 34.23 per year. Animal damage “of all kinds” is protected with this motorcycle insurance, the coverage is 100 million euros (maximum coverage per injured person: 15 million euros). Although the insurance only covers the costs of damage to third parties, not your property, special equipment on your two-wheeler is insured for up to 6,000 euros. Damage caused by animal bites including consequential damage is covered by BarmeniaDirekt up to an amount of 3,000 euros.

WGV offers comprehensive insurance protection for our enduro riders for an annual premium of 33.88 euros: The cover amount is 100 million euros (maximum cover amount per injured person: 15 million euros), a Mallorca policy is included, the insurer also comes for damage due to gross negligence, the game damage coverage applies to “animals of all kinds”, the elementary damage coverage has been expanded and applies to storms, hail and lightning strikes also to avalanches and mudflows, special equipment up to an amount of 5,000 euros is insured against theft and WGV are responsible for consequential damage in the event of an animal bite of up to 5,000 euros. Own damage is also insured with WGV, however you may have to pay a deductible of 500 euros.

Our recommendation: For an annual contribution of 33.80 euros, “Type 2” is optimally secured in our comparison at WGV. In our opinion, WGV motorcycle insurance is a true price-performance winner. In addition, the tariff cuts the DA directly also doing well. Although it does not include such extensive protection against natural hazards, it is also a little cheaper at € 30.84. Insurance of BarmeniaDirect is only a little more expensive than the insurance of WGV, here too motorcyclists enjoy comprehensive protection.

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