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Multi-device support: can WhatsApp soon be used on several devices at the same time? | message


Will WhatsApp soon not only be available for smartphones?

WhatsApp users are currently bound to the device to which the account is linked. So if you have installed WhatsApp on your smartphone, you can only use the app on it, apart from WhatsApp Web. The registration is based on the presence of a SIM card or mobile phone number. According to the experts at WABetaInfo, however, this premise will soon become obsolete, since WhatsApp should work on a so-called multi-platform system feature that enables simultaneous use on multiple devices. This function is already known from the field of streaming, for example. Here it is easily possible to be logged in with one account on several devices. A film can e.g. started on the tablet and can then be continued on the smartphone without any problems.

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According to a tweet from the experts at WABetaInfo, this cross-device solution for the messenger service is already in the test phase. The Twitter account is known for its reliable and truthful information, so WhatsApp fans can confidently look forward to the new function.

However, WABetaInfo could not yet determine the exact date, so users still have to be patient when it comes to precise times for the update.

The changes that should go hand in hand with the new multi-platform system include, in addition to a standalone iPad app, the availability on several smartphones at the same time – regardless of which operating system is used. This should make it possible to use both an Android smartphone and an iPhone in the future, since messages that are sent to one device can also be received and displayed by the other device. The universal Windows platform app (UWP app) should also make it possible to use WhatsApp on the PC without the constant connection to a smartphone.

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