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Mutual Fund Managers: Domini Fund Managers: To hold top stocks like Tesla, Beyond Meat and DexCom, you have to believe in them message


• Portfolio is based on corporate values ​​that Domini shares
• Risk avoidance strategy
• Tesla, Beyond Meat and DexCom key ingredients

General focus on specific company values

Speaking to MarketWatch, Amy Domini, founder and chairwoman of the investment advisory firm Domini, and CEO Carole Laible said their funds focus on companies with strong social and economic profiles and solution-minded executives. Especially in the midst of the pandemic, these companies are safe investments. “We have a strategy that is very conscious of the risks to people and the planet when investing. It is a strategy of risk avoidance, and at a time when our economic life is suffering from the coronavirus, risk avoidance is far more important,” said Domini . So concentrate on solid companies with solid returns, whose values ​​you also share. With Teladoc Health or Chegg, the Domini Impact Equity Fund includes companies that give people access to education, finance or health care. The telemedicine provider and the online tutoring portal were able to benefit significantly from the pandemic through increased demand.

Trust in the Tesla ecosystem

One of the fund’s key stocks is US electric car maker Tesla. With the sharp rise in paper, some shares were parted with, but the company remained under Elon Musk an important part of the fund’s portfolio. The attitude towards Tesla is based on the ecosystem that the company creates, said Domini. “We see them as an ecosystem of next-generation, fuel-efficient, interconnected devices that are helping to make people’s lives easier or more environmentally conscious. If we saw a threat or change of direction here, we’d probably seriously reconsider our interest in the company “, added her. The creation of its own ecosystem can also be compared with Apple: The tech giant offers various services that can be used on the different devices offered.

Beyond Meat with an innovative concept

Another important value is the supplier of vegan meat substitute products, Beyond Meat. The company produces food that is good for the planet, but better for the people who eat it instead of real meat. Regardless of the group’s strong share price, Beyond Meat is currently at the center of consumer demand due to its organic and natural offerings that meet the needs of vegetarians as well as meat eaters. “We believe their innovation in this process and the fact that they are leaders in this area has benefited the overall market and our portfolio,” said Laible. Since healthy, sustainable food fits Domini’s investment strategy, the decision to go with Beyond Meat was not a difficult one.

DexCom can boost demand amid the pandemic

Domini and Laible also mentioned the healthcare company DexCom, which develops glucose sensors for diabetes patients. At the time of the fund’s initial investment in the group, it was still necessary to determine the glucose content of the blood by taking blood from a finger. However, this procedure is no longer used. Instead, the company offers remote patient monitoring. With the help of apps on the patients’ devices, they can also regularly check their values, according to the company’s website. Laible explained that this modern method was hardly used in hospitals, but this changed with the corona pandemic, as contact between hospital staff and patients was reduced to a minimum.

Domini is one of the few investment advisory firms run by women. The Domini Impact Equity Fund, which contains large and mid-cap US stocks, is in the top one percent of Morningstar’s annual U.S. rankings. Fund Large Blend, and in the top thirteen percent on a three-year ranking. Its top values, the technology giants Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, have increased in value in recent years, especially in the midst of the Corona crisis. Also included are the video streaming service Netflix and the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. The fund was launched in 1991, but the investment strategy was changed in 2018, which is why it only makes sense to track performance from this point on, according to the company. editorial team

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