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Neuland social media: lots of potential, lots of problems? What Microsoft would bring into the house with a TikTok takeover | message


Microsoft is considering buying TikTok
New driver for advertising revenue
Challenges regarding data protection, fake content and security

TikTok is currently on everyone’s lips: During Donald Trump Lastly, the domestic tech giant Microsoft expressed its takeover ambitions when it drew up a decree that forbade business between TikTok and US companies. The platform is a thorn in Trump’s side, sometimes because TikTok users angered the President of the United States when they were said to have saved an election event from full seats. Now part of TikTok could soon be part of a US giant. For the group of Bill Gates That would mean one thing in the first place: potential advertising revenue growth. However, with this acquisition the Silicon Valley group could cause additional problems.

Microsoft interested in TikTok

At the beginning of August, the group announced that it wanted to incorporate the TikTok stores in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. The deadline is September 15, reports CNBC. According to his own statement, the US President has nothing against this option. Previously, TikTok was targeted due to concerns around security and privacy.

With the purchase of the three business units, Microsoft would add a social network to its product range. TikTok specializes in short, effects-processed videos that show lip-synching or dance movements. Young people and young adults are the target group. The tech group would thus acquire a content platform that offers potential for advertising income. But that would not be a risk-free walk.

Microsoft faces problem classics of social networks

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can tell you a thing or two about it: Difficulties quickly arise when it comes to data protection, security and misinformation, violence and pornography. As a result, high costs are incurred in order to master the situation. Microsoft could bring similar problems into the house with TikTok – the Gates group is thus breaking new ground. Yuval Ben-Itzhak, CEO of Socialbakers, a social media marketing company, told CNBC, “Microsoft will have to deal with all of this and will be blamed and criticized for failing to do so.”

“Tackling misinformation must be a business-critical priority,” said Daniel Elman, an analyst at Nucleus Research, an information technology company. The challenge of managing a complex platform on which millions of users can interact and upload content automatically entails a high investment requirement if the known grievances are to be combated in advance. In parallel, “the company has no experience managing a high-quality social network of this size.”

Microsoft has to learn from mistakes made by Facebook and Co.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook network has been grappling with serious allegations for years: it concerns misinformation that would have adversely affected the US elections, data abuse and hate speech on the Internet. In July, some advertisers even boycotted the social network due to neglected interventions in various cases. Numerous employees are working on sifting through posts and drawing appropriate conclusions. In addition, the company has already invested in an AI that automatically reacts to certain terms.

Twitter has already met a similar fate. Hate content was rampant on the short message platform – important users were lost. Since then, the group has been developing functions with the Sparrow to reduce hateful content.

There seems to be a similar development on TikTok. Between the funny and creatively positioned videos, there is an increasing amount of inappropriate content. As Huffington Post reported, right-wing extremists and even neo-Nazis can be found who have already been banned from Facebook and Twitter.

TikTok: The Video Network Challenge

But since TikTok is a network that lives on video, the problem mentioned is a little different. Google’s video platform YouTube may offer a comparable content problem.
In the past year, pedophilia became a problem on YouTube: the recommendation functions of the video service were exploited to see minors in their underwear, for example – Wired discovered this at the time. Since many minors are active on TikTok, Microsoft is obliged to take appropriate precautions in order not to offer a platform to users with wrong intentions.
At TikTok, the first conspiracy theories were already gaining momentum this year – on YouTube, video content like this is almost a daily occurrence. The accuracy of the information content poses a challenge on many issues. Twitter was forced to take drastic steps a few weeks ago and drew the ire of Trump when it accused some of its tweets of false information.

Microsoft would not only have to purchase TikTok, but also calculate other expenses

In both applications, the services are based to a large extent on algorithms. “The problem with algorithm-based content feeds is that they generally degrade the most appealing content that shows the greatest engagement,” Mike Jones, managing partner of the venture capital firm Science, told CNBC.

With TikTok, as with the other social media platforms, difficulties are already on the agenda. Similar to Facebook, Microsoft would not only have to invest in the continuous further development of Artificial Intelligence, but would probably also have to use human moderators to meet the responsibility of protecting users. editorial team

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