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New stage of the crisis: recovery continues: DAX starts the new week higher message


The DAX started the new week with an increase of 10,704.35 percent to 0.74 points.

Its US counterpart Dow Jones Industrial had succeeded on Friday, which the DAX is now also aiming for: continuing the recovery rally with a new intermediate high. To do this, the DAX would have to make it over the 10,820 points, where the forces left it the previous week after the Easter break.

“On the stock exchanges, the hope that the global economy will start up again quickly and that the economic damage will be as small as possible is currently far greater than the fear of a full-blown economic crisis,” said Thomas Altmann from QC Partners. However, too much euphoria has always been dangerous and a reliable contraindicator, the portfolio manager warned.

In Germany, the easing of the corona restrictions will take effect for the first time this Monday, which, according to the chart-technical analyst Marcel Mußler, is now beginning a new stage of the corona crisis, which is not without risk. It is currently impossible to say whether and what effects this will have on the number of new infections. So far, the stock markets have been looking forward to the easing, but it remains to be seen to what extent they also take these risks into account, he wrote in his daily stock exchange letter.

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Image sources: Julian Mezger for Finanz Verlag

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