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New York Stocks: Dow Gives Down – Expert Warns Of Early Corona Ease | message


NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – Warning words by prominent immunologist and government advisor Anthony Fauci about the planned US easing in the corona crisis have put a damper on the US stock markets on Tuesday during the course of trading. The Dow Jones Industrial (Dow Jones 30 Industrial) crumbled after a friendly opening and recently traded 0.34 percent lower at 24 139.49 points. The broad S&P 500 fell 0.44 percent to 2917.54 points. The technology-heavy NASDAQ 100 was almost unchanged at 9298.85 points.

Fauci warned of an exaggerated return to normal in the Corona crisis. “That could have really serious consequences,” Fauci said in a Senate video hearing Tuesday. If the guidelines are not followed, there is a real risk of an outbreak that cannot be controlled. Efforts for an economic recovery could also be thrown back. In addition, a second wave of the virus pandemic is possible in autumn. Fauci once again opposed that of the US President Donald Trump planned easing.

Inflation in the USA weakened massively in April, mainly due to the sharp fall in energy prices. According to the Ministry of Labor, consumer prices were 0.3 percent higher than a year earlier. In March the inflation rate was still 1.5 percent. The current rate is the lowest since October 2015. Analysts had expected an average inflation rate of 0.4 percent. In a monthly comparison, consumer prices fell by 0.8 percent. This was the sharpest decline since December 2008.

Among the individual stocks, Tesla’s shares were in good shape with a plus of 2.3 percent. Elon Musk, Head of the electric car manufacturer, starts production at the main plant in California again and thus opposes a ban on the authorities in the corona crisis. The technology blog “The Verge”, citing Tesla workers, reported that around 200 vehicles had already been built at the weekend. Overall, California has allowed companies to be cautiously opened. In the district in which the Tesla plant is located, however, restrictions on going out still apply.

Boeing (Boeing) lost orders for another 108 planes of the 737 Max breakdown aircraft in April. Among other things, General Electric leasing company Gecas cut its Max orders, according to Boeing data. Orders for 150 machines of the 737 Max were canceled in March. Boeing papers recently lost 1.3 percent.

Grubhub, the food delivery company, shot up 37 percent after reports of Uber takeover interest. The travel agent is already active in the food delivery business, but still needs size to make it profitable. Grubhub was last worth around $ 4.5 billion on the stock exchange. Uber shares climbed more than 6 percent./edh/he

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