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Newcomers and customs: Attention! How to get through customs with the newcomer | message


Customs on departure

In most cases, leaving a country is easier than entering the country because of the baggage regulations, because customs are primarily interested in protecting their own country from prohibited or dangerous objects. At German airports when traveling to other EU countries there are hardly any incidents where customs have to confiscate the contents of the passengers’ luggage. It should be noted, however, that every departure is followed by an entry and you should therefore always find out about the relevant import regulations.

Curious and the German customs

As more and more people fly abroad on vacation, it is increasingly the case that travelers bring new electronic devices such as laptops, iPhones or other high-quality devices with them. During a check on the return journey, however, it can then happen that the German customs authorities are unclear whether the device was purchased abroad or domestically before the holiday. If the inspected holidaymaker cannot prove that he has acquired the device in Germany, he will have to pay the import sales tax and, under certain circumstances, the appropriate duty rate.

However, according to the IT specialist portal “Heise Online”, this can be prevented by having a “Simplified travel document” issued by customs before leaving the country. This document immediately signals to German customs that the device was purchased in Germany and thus prevents possible inconvenience during an inspection.

What can cause difficulties at customs?

In Germany, the import restrictions are few in comparison to many other countries. When entering Germany, for example, it is forbidden to bring counterfeit products, rough diamonds, weapons and ammunition. There are also some goods for which there is no direct ban, but there is still a possibility that customs may confiscate them. These include, for example, textiles and food. Here you have to research more precisely in the customs regulations whether you need special documents for the import in order to prove to customs that the goods are not at risk. In any case, it is best to find out about any entry regulations online in good time if you are going abroad or returning to Germany. editorial team

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