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Number of corona infections in Europe rises to over 2.5 million | message


PARIS (AFP) – The number of corona infections detected in Europe has exceeded the 2.5 million mark. As of Saturday morning, 2,500,091 cases were diagnosed, according to an AFP count based on official agency information. More than 192,000 people in Europe died from the effects of an infection. This makes Europe the continent most affected by the pandemic, even if the virus is currently the fastest spreading in Latin America. The most affected country in Europe is Russia with more than 570,000 infections, followed by Great Britain (302,000), Spain (246,000) and Italy (238,000).

The figures are the figures officially reported by governments and authorities. Experts suspect that the actual number of corona infections and deaths is significantly higher.

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June 21, 2020 06:08 ET (10:08 GMT)

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