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OSKAR experiences: The intelligent ETF savings plan being tested


In which asset classes does OSKAR invest?

According to OSKAR, it takes a multi-asset approach and invests in stocks, government bonds, secured bonds, corporate bonds, inflation-based bonds and commodities.

An important advantage of OSKAR: Every OSKAR portfolio has a so-called inflation protection component. With this component, OSKAR guarantees protection against the inflation-related decline in value. OSKAR uses inflation-linked European government deposits or gold ETFs or ETCs for this.

When it comes to investment products, the Robo-Advisor relies on low-cost, exchange-traded index funds and ETCs. Automatic rebalancing takes place regularly, during which the distribution of the various asset classes is checked and, if necessary, reset to the original situation.

In addition, OSKAR manages the various portfolios in a tax-conscious manner. What does tax-conscious mean? The robo-advisor selects the investment products for the financial investment under tax-relevant criteria, so pays special attention to the distribution behavior and the fund domicile and also takes into account the optimal holding periods so that you as an investor receive the best possible framework conditions for increasing your capital.

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