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Positive experience: Study: Home office has a positive effect – less stress, more productivity message


The move to the home office as a result of the Corona crisis was a positive experience for many employees. This emerges from a study by the health insurance company DAK, which is available to the German press agency. Before the pandemic, 21 percent of employees felt regularly stressed, while the corona crisis was only 15 percent. The proportion of those in employment who were never or only occasionally stressed has meanwhile increased from 48 to 57 percent.

The research institutes IGES and Forsa had interviewed around 7,000 employees for the DAK study before and during the pandemic. Of those who now work regularly at home, 56 percent said they were more productive there than in the office. Two thirds also said that they could better reconcile work and family life. A similar number are happy about the time saved since commuting to the workplace has ceased.

“Working from home not only lowers the risk of infection from viral infections, but also pays off for mental balance,” said DAK CEO Andreas Storm. The positive findings have to be used for the future – “without ignoring the negative aspects of the home office that also exist”. According to the study, almost every second person misses the clear distinction between job and private life. In the 18- to 29-year-olds, a majority of 52 percent even complained. Three quarters of those surveyed also lack direct contact with their colleagues.

However, many of those affected no longer want to do without the home office: 76.9 percent of employees who have only been working regularly in their own homes since the Corona crisis want to continue to work in this way, at least in part, in the future.

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