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Professional tips: Online seminar on the US election with Sandra Navidi: This is what investors can expect from US stocks and the upcoming president | message


The upcoming US presidential election is one Choice of fate: More than 200,000 Americans have died as a result of coronavirus infection, the US economy is rocky, almost 14 million people are unemployed, society in the United States is divided.

Sandra Navidi, popular as a guest on talk shows and known as an ntv stock market expert, is CEO and founder of the management consultancy Beyond Global. in the Online seminar on November 2nd the USA expert gives her live and exclusive assessment of the presidential election – Register now for free for this exciting event!

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Together with Book author and financial psychologist Dr. Raimund Schriek Sandra Navidi looks at the situation in the USA on the eve of US election and on the chances of the two candidates: Can President Trump continue his stay in the White House or is a Democratic challenger setting up his home? What can we expect from the candidates? Who and why is popular with the American people? What impact will the election result have on the American economy? Find out in Live seminar from 6 p.m.what factors play a role in this US election and what you as an investor can expect from the future US president.

Sandra Navidi and Raimund Schriek also take a deeper look at the candidates. Can the incumbent take advantage of his or her benefits or does he stumble upon his psychopathic behavior in this time of crisis? “Just as it is important for politicians to be aware of their personality, it is also important for traders,” said Dr. Raimund Schriek in the preliminary talk. “Only those who know themselves well can make sustainable, intelligent decisions.” Register now for this exclusive live seminar with Sandra Navidi and Dr. Raimund Schriek and be there live on November 2nd from 6:00 p.m. when the two financial experts exciting investor questions about the US election answer personally.

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Your experts in the online seminar

Sandra Navidi was born and raised in Mönchengladbach. She studied law in Cologne, New York and Paris and after graduating first worked in the department for international capital markets at an auditing company. In 2001 she moved to New York, where she first worked as chief legal counsel at Muzinich & Company. She later founded the consulting company BeyondGlobal and is still CEO today. Sandra Navidi is a licensed attorney in Germany and in the state of New York and has already appeared on (German) television several times. For example, she discussed in June 2017 on the talk show “Hart aber fair” when it came to Donald Trump and his style of government went. Navidi is a member of several organizations, including the American Council on Germany and Human Rights Watch. The lawyer and author lives in New York.

Your expert in the online seminar

Dr. Raimund Schriek is a versatile scientist who has taught and researched at universities for many years, including in biochemistry and stress research. Science management and the role of managing director of a cross-university network have led him into the world of finance. The successful book author has published numerous papers on financial topics, including “Better with Behavioral Finance: Financial Psychology in Theory and Practice” and “You are a trader! How to become successful despite the treasury, fast food and financial entertainment”. Raimund Schriek designs educational offers in cooperation with well-known banks, brokers and issuers. Sustainable trader coaching is closely linked to his name. In addition, he primarily appears as a keynote speaker at financial events in Germany and abroad.

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