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Prominent newcomer: German soccer player invests in chocolate bar startup | message


Last October, the protein and chocolate bar startup Neoh from Vienna put the company valuation at 16 million euros. After a substantial investment and the entry of Jonathan Tahs, this should amount to 20 million euros. The international was worth the investment in six figures. He himself is fully behind the company’s products, as well as the strategy and vision for which the company stands.

Chocolate bar as part of his eating plan

Tah confirmed that this investment was easy for him: “Nutrition plays an extremely important role in order to be a professional athlete. Neoh’s recipe with just one gram of sugar and a lot of proteins enables me to adhere to my diet plan and then To have energy when I need it. ” The bar also tastes delicious, he admits. Likewise, the economic perspective together with the founding team around Manuel Zeller and their corporate strategy convinced him to make this investment.

The company itself asserted that Jonathan Tah would ideally fit their corporate vision of completely pushing sugar out of the snack shelf. To achieve this, the football professional will not only act as an investor, but also as a testimonial for Neoh. A corresponding success should be in the mutual interest.

Throughout Germany, among others Rewe and millers available

Since the beginning of this year, the Neohs chocolate bars have been included in the Rewe and Mller range, as well as in selected nutrition stores, sports shops and fitness studios. The products of the Austrian startup are also available on the online platforms Amazon and There you can buy them in all Spar branches, Swiss Post branches and the largest petrol station chains since 2017. Germany and Austria are still the main sales area. The advertising campaign, in which football professional Jonathan Tah will be shown, will also run here. But the company can now also show respectable figures in the United States, where it would like to achieve sales of two million euros in the financial year.

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