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Q2 Portfolio: Charlie Munger: These stocks are in the depot of the Berkshire Vice | message


• Charlie Munger known for small depot
• No new acquisition
• Less Wells Fargo, more Bank of America

Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman Charlie Munger’s portfolio is quite manageable. The now 96-year-old has only invested in four different companies. Munger has not changed the amount of shares either. What has changed, however, is the value of his portfolio.

This is how the Munger depot is set up in Q2

The smallest position in Munger’s depot continues to be the Japanese steel manufacturer POSCO. As in the first quarter of the current year, Munger owns 9,745 shares in the group. However, the price per share has changed so that the value of the shares is now $ 361,000.

In third place among the favorites of the Berkshire vice is a major US bank. Like his “boss” Warren Buffett, Munger seems to think highly of the US banking sector. The U.S. Bancorp has 140,000 shares valued at $ 5.155 million in Munger’s portfolio.

Meanwhile, the silver medal goes to Wells Fargo: With 1,591,800 shares, the bank makes the second largest position in the Munger depot. The value of the Wells Fargo shares is $ 40.75 million.

1st place at Munger – and at Buffett?

Unbeaten in first place is Bank of America. Charlie Munger owns 2.3 million Bank of America shares. The value of this investment is thus estimated at 54.625 million US dollars.

As far as Bank of America is concerned, the “teacher becomes the student” here. Because while the vice-chairman of Berkshire Hathaway held on to the shares in his private custody account, the oracle of Omaha expanded its position in BoA stocks even further – and only at the end of July. editorial team

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