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ROUNDUP / Trump: But no resolution of the Corona working group in the White House | message


WASHINGTON (dpa-AFX) – US President Donald Trump wants to stick to the White House working group on the Corona crisis – but in a modified form. Trump wrote on Twitter on Wednesday that the round had done a “fantastic job” and will therefore continue to work indefinitely. In addition to vaccines and treatment options, the focus should be on safety and a return to normal operations in the country. Trump also said there may be changes in the working group’s membership. He didn’t get more specific. On Tuesday, Trump and his deputy Mike Pence said they were testing the resolution of the round.

The United States government launched the Task Force as a high-level panel of experts led by Vice President Pence in response to the rapid spread of the corona virus. Pence had surprisingly said on Tuesday that they were considering disbanding the group. This could happen in late May or early June and is a sign of “enormous progress” in the fight against the new corona virus.

Trump himself said on a visit to the southwestern state of Arizona on Tuesday that the working group should be replaced by a new team that focused on safely reopening the economy. The people of America are “fighters” and want to go back to work, he emphasized. At the same time, Trump admitted that he would continue to loosen the corona restrictions to new infections and deaths. This is not a “perfect situation”, but you cannot “keep the country closed” for five years.

The announcement to say goodbye to the expert working group met with criticism. “Dissolving the task force now is a terrible idea,” Harvard doctor Ashish Jha told CNN. The United States was still in the middle of the pandemic and many people would still be infected and die. “I am very concerned that the situation could get worse if we no longer hear from Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci,” said Jha.

Doctors Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci are among the group’s most prominent voices. So far you have assessed a quick lifting of all corona restrictions much more skeptically than Trump. It remained open in the President’s tweet whether changing the previous format of the working group is practically equivalent to creating a new round.

Trump wants to limit the devastating economic consequences of the pandemic by quickly easing the restrictions. This is also important for him in view of November if the president wants to be elected for a second term.

Despite the successes claimed by Pence and Trump in the fight against the pathogen, the corona pandemic in the USA does not seem to be under control for a long time. So far, according to researchers at the University of Johns Hopkins, more than 1.2 million infections have been detected in the United States, and more than 71,000 people have died as a result of an infection with the virus. According to an influential model, which had already been used several times by the government, the number of deaths could increase by about summer to about 134,000.

State-imposed exit restrictions have been economically devastating, but have helped flatten the new-infection curve. However, they were not as strict as, for example, those in Italy and Spain. In the United States, the numbers have recently stagnated at around 25,000 new infections and around 1,000 to 1,600 deaths per day. Now, however, more and more states are beginning to loosen restrictions again – in part, although there are still many new infections. Experts fear that the US corona pandemic will worsen again.

The Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, said the economy cannot be put above health. “If we don’t defeat the virus, we will never return to full economic strength and lose countless lives,” he warned. The number of new infections must decrease and more corona tests are needed, Biden demanded on Twitter./jac/DP/fba

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