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Home office – work more energy-efficiently at home

Many people are currently in their home office across Germany. Instead of working from the office desk, people are now working on their laptops at home in many places – and thus using their own electricity. However, an analysis by Verivox shows that laptops use less electricity and therefore cost less: The electricity costs for a laptop are 15 cents a day, while a computer with a monitor costs 50 cents a day.

If you also work with a service cell phone at home, you don’t have to worry as much about the resulting electricity costs. According to Verivox, a smartphone that is charged three hours a day only increases the daily electricity costs by half a cent.

However, the electricity costs of smartphones and laptops can be reduced by setting users to switch to energy-saving mode after a few minutes and thus reduce the screen brightness. In addition, the device should not be put into standby mode, but rather switched off completely. This also saves costs.

Routers and printers consume a lot of electricity

In addition to laptops and cell phones, however, other devices are also increasing electricity bills in the home office. The printer consumes a lot of power, especially when it is turned on and off and in standby mode. Therefore, print jobs should be collected and printed at once, rather than spread across the day.

And routers are also permanent power guzzlers. They can be turned off using automatic timers or manually overnight to reduce electricity costs.

Make coffee and cook

If you work at home, you also have to make your own coffee and prepare meals. Verivox has determined that boiling water with a kettle is cheaper than heating water in a saucepan, as a medium-power hob costs 50 cents an hour. Therefore, it is advisable to use the more energy-efficient kettle for boiling water and to use an egg cooker for boiling eggs, which is also more energy-efficient.

It is cheaper to use the dishwasher than to wash by hand

Verivox also found that dishwashing electricity can also be saved with a dishwasher – provided the water is otherwise heated electrically. In this case, this uses significantly less electricity than washing by hand.

Compare electricity providers

Ultimately, according to Verivox, the additional electricity costs in the home office add up to less than one euro per day. If you follow the tips above, you can further reduce this sum. Furthermore, it is worthwhile – not only in the home office – to compare the electricity provider and, in the worst case, to change the electricity provider.

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