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Benefits from the home office

The corona virus has plunged the economy into a crisis: social lockdown has resulted in a massive drop in sales for many companies, and workers are being put on short-time work or even fired. Those who can continue to work from home can therefore count themselves lucky. There are some challenges in the home office, especially looking after the children can make work more difficult, but working at home also has some financial advantages. Because if you handle the work in your own home correctly, you can save a lot of costs.

Direct cost savings

When working in the home office, you not only save a lot of time, but also cash. Because even on the daily commute to work, costs usually arise if public transport or your own car have to be used for this. Thanks to their home office, commuters in particular can save a lot of money on fuel and wear and tear.

Flat-rate savings of around 30 cents per kilometer can be made. With 100 kilometers of driving distance per working day, that would be 30 euros per day or 600 euros per month for an assumed 20 working days. But even those who travel by public transport save the price for the daily ticket purchase by working in their own four walls. If you don’t buy your bus and train ticket every day, but have a monthly or annual subscription, you may also be lucky: Due to the lockdown, some public transport companies offer to pause certain ticket subscriptions.

Another cost factor that is often underestimated is the daily coffee-to-go and the sandwiches from the baker. A mug of coffee to go usually costs between € 1.50 and € 3.50. So you pay between 7.50 and 17.50 euros per week. This results in monthly expenses of 30 to 70 euros if a coffee-to-go is consumed on 20 working days. Of course, the home office increases coffee consumption at home, but here the cost per cup is in the cent range.

The costs for lunch also decrease considerably in some cases. Regardless of whether you dined in front of the home office in the cafeteria or in the restaurant: the daily self-prepared lunch is usually cheaper.

Indirect cost savings

In addition, the home office can save even more costs that may not seem too obvious.

Anyone who works at home is always connected to the home WiFi. This primarily saves mobile data volume. When working in an external office, it is not uncommon for the monthly quota to be used up after two to three weeks, depending on the mobile phone contract. Then additional data volume is often booked for five to ten euros. A relatively low cost factor, but it is avoided by the home office.

The same applies to the cost of makeup and co. In working from home, in many cases, too much styling should be avoided if there are no video conferences. You would also apply the expensive perfume only for your own well-being.

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