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Saving on costs: Car insurance: less insurance premium thanks to the corona pandemic | message


Motorists should check their car insurance at least once a year. Because of the Corona crisis, drivers can even save additional money this year, because the less they drive a car, the lower the vehicle contribution. An evaluation of the comparison portal Verivox shows that a 30 percent lower mileage can make car insurance up to 24 percent cheaper.

Drive less, pay less

“Anyone who leads significantly less throughout the year because of Corona can get back too much paid premiums,” says Wolfgang Schtz, Managing Director at Verivox. According to the Verivox evaluation, the discounts could be between 24 and 5 percent. For example, if you only travel 10,000 kilometers per year instead of 20,000 kilometers, you can save almost 15 percent of the premium.

So it is worth looking at the mileage once a year. Some providers ask at the end of the year about the current mileage and charge less kilometers driven with the price for the coming year. With other contracts, however, drivers have to take action themselves.

The reason for the discount is that the insurers take the mileage into account when calculating the price. For this reason, all drivers must state the expected annual mileage before the contract is concluded. Whether a late registration pays off depends on how much the mileage is likely to decrease. Most insurers have thresholds above which insurance premiums change. However, these vary from provider to provider.

More savings

In addition to the annual mileage, there are other ways of reducing premiums with car insurance. Motor vehicle liability insurance is compulsory by law and must therefore be proven by all motorists when registering the car. However, the situation is different for full and partial comprehensive insurance, which are not compulsory. However, one of the two policies usually makes sense since liability insurance only covers damage to the opponent. With comprehensive insurance, you are usually prepared for all eventualities, but the premiums are accordingly higher. Partial comprehensive insurance can therefore be worthwhile for older vehicles.

Bonuses can also be saved with a seasonal license plate. If you only drive your car during the summer, you can save money with such a license plate: driving seven months means paying only seven months.

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