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Security update: The indoor camera in Teslas is really intended for that message


The interior camera from Tesla

A camera installed in the Tesla Model 3 is directly on the im Electric car seated passengers directed. For some time now there have been clues and speculations about the purpose of the indoor camera and what happens to the pictures. Now Tesla’s CEO reveals Elon Musk finally the reason for installing a previously inactive camera.

The purpose of the cameras

If you do not see the camera at first glance, you will start looking for it after reading the Tesla Model 3 operating instructions. Accordingly, all Model 3 variants are equipped with functional interior cameras, which, however, according to Tesla, are not yet being actively used. The cameras can be found near the rear-view mirror. The Model 3 has been rolling on the streets for three years, but since the launch Tesla has not given any detailed information about the purpose of the interior camera. But via Twitter, Elon Musk now brings light into darkness in one word.

Camera for robot taxis

A Twitter user posted his guess as to why the cameras were installed in the Teslas: “This is probably for the robot taxis. If someone damages the car, ie vandalism and the like, someone will be filmed and punished. ” And apparently he was right in his assessment, because corresponding updates in the past already indicated that the California manufacturer wants to use a fleet of autonomously driving robot taxis under the name “Tesla Network”. Elon Musk commented on the post in just one word, confirming the supposition of the Twitter user. Musk tweeted “Correctly”.

More safety

This wide-angle camera films the entire interior so that future passengers in the robot taxis do not have stupid thoughts about stealing or rioting. However, the field of vision of the camera is still limited and all functions have been deactivated so far. However, Tesla is by no means lacking in creativity to find a way to use the camera, because, as the US magazine Electrek reports, Musk has spoken of the fact that users could film it with karaoke interludes. A V10 software update released in September offers a corresponding function.

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