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Shazam, Beats & Co .: Mega Empire: These subsidiaries belong to Apple | message


• Apple is one of the largest companies in the world
• Company has many subsidiaries

• Companies like Shazam, Beats Electronics and Claris belong to Apple

Apple is one of the most prestigious brands in the world and always attracts the full attention of the media with its products. In order to continue to grow through innovative products and services, takeovers of other companies are a proven means and Apple is taking advantage of this: The successful company based in California can now also call numerous subsidiaries its own. We present some of the most interesting subsidiaries of the apple empire.


In December 2017, it was announced that Apple would like to take over the Shazam music recognition software. In September 2018, Apple completed the acquisition after it was reviewed and approved by regulators. Since Apple has already integrated a music identification system into Siri, it is still unclear to what extent Apple will use the service for its own products. However, unlike Siri, Shazam is capable of recognizing advertising, films and television programs in addition to music. So it’s conceivable that Apple is in a new one iOS-Update will add this feature.

Beats Electronics

Beats Electronics has also been a subsidiary of Apple since 2014 – and was the most expensive acquisition to date. Apple is said to have paid more than three billion US dollars to win over the American manufacturer of audio technology. For Apple, this is a particularly lucrative subsidiary because with Beats co-founders Jimmy Lovine and Dr. Three additional valuable know-how in the field of music business came into the group.

FileMaker – Claris

FileMaker Inc. is also one of the many subsidiaries that belong to Apple, but under the new name Claris. With the changed brand name, Claris also wants to underline that nothing is the same anymore and the company is no longer just working on databases. The Apple subsidiary wants to bring new products to the market, particularly in the area of ​​business intelligence. Apple and a specially founded subsidiary had already been working on productivity programs in the 1980s.


The Israeli company Anobit has been part of Apple since 2011. The company holds several patents on innovative computer hardware. Anobit specializes in the development of flash memory drives. Apple has been equipping the various models of iPhones with this technology for years.


Many of the innovations in current Apple products originate from another company. So also the fingerprint scanner Touch ID, which was developed by the company AuthenTec. The company has a variety of security hardware on offer and has sparked Apple’s interest. The purchase then came in 2012: The tech giant paid a total of $ 356 million for the acquisition. Apple has thus secured the further development of the technology behind Touch ID and various patents. The first successful collaboration was already evident a year after the takeover: In autumn 2013, the first iPhone with Touch ID came onto the market.

Many more

Apple has announced numerous other acquisitions by various companies in recent years. Companies such as NeXT, LinX and PrimeSense were bought by Apple and contributed to various technological developments. If Apple stays true to its line, the list of acquisitions is likely to grow every year and the new subsidiaries are likely to bring about many technical advances.

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