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If you don’t keep a close eye on your costs, a lot of money can quickly drain away unnecessarily in everyday life. The existing inefficiencies are likely not to be remedied for reasons of convenience, since one is not necessarily dependent on the lack of money. However, the optimization potential can be used well to achieve a savings target, such as topping up the vacation fund.

Check insurance, contracts and subscriptions

Whether cell phone contract, fitness studio subscription or electricity provider, the cost drivers lurk everywhere. In the first step, it makes sense to get an overview of the current contracts and tariffs. Then you should ask yourself whether these services are really being used actively. Do you have a gym subscription because of the guilty conscience that you want to do more sport, or do you actually go to the weight room regularly for training? In principle, contracts whose offers are not used or barely used should be terminated. In addition, it must be analyzed which things one could confidently do without in order to save. This can also be insurance. These can turn out to be unnecessary if the costs exceed the possible loss or certain risks are already covered by other policies. In the holiday fund, for example, the money is better off.
In addition, it makes sense to regularly compare existing contracts and subscriptions with equivalent offers from other providers. In the best case scenario, switching energy providers can save several hundred euros a year. But there is also often potential for savings with cell phone tariffs.

Sell ​​old and unused items

Over time, some items accumulate in the household, which at best still function as dust catchers. Even if these things hardly have any value for your own perception, there are most likely still interested parties who would like to purchase the items. Some things may even have a certain collector’s value. By selling the property, which is not in use, you can put cash back into the till.

Minimalism and planning

According to the blog “Lilies Diary”, minimalism is currently very much in trend with many people. The idea behind it is to renounce the possession of (unnecessarily) many objects. In addition to mucking out your own apartment, reducing consumption plays an important role. Because once you have parted with unnecessary things, you shouldn’t start accumulating new ones right away. Before buying a new one, you should carefully consider whether the property is really needed. In addition, leisure activities are to be implemented in a way that saves money as possible. Instead of going out to eat with friends in a restaurant, you should cook together at home. Visits to clubs and bars can also be relocated to your own four walls.
In addition, accurate planning of weekly grocery purchases saves time and money. In advance you have to think about what you want to eat and cook during the week. The ingredients can be chosen so that they can be used over several days. Similar and harmonizing recipes lead to a very efficient use of the food purchased. Adhering to the planning also ensures that no unnecessary or superfluous purchases are made and that there is more money left in the end – even for the best time of the year. editorial team

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