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Spousal support: when to pay after a divorce – and how much


Post-marital maintenance

Post-marital maintenance comes into effect after the divorce. The reason: spouse support is the main problem in most difficult divorces, because the partner who is dependent would like to have more.

The partner who is obliged to pay maintenance, on the other hand, tries his lawyer to count him poor in order to keep the maintenance payments as low as possible. As a rule, this is about the maintenance of the wife. Wives are still worse off after divorce.

The classic is the creation of a family and the predominant retreat of the mother from working life. If the children are older at the time of the divorce, a full-time job can be carried out. But the fact is that the connection to the world of work is becoming more difficult due to the speed of further development.

Of course, that also depends on the type of profession. Anyone who has not had anything to do with the new accounting system before pregnancy will have to face this challenge when they return to work. Many mothers fail because of a long exit from the job. What remains is a poorly endowed profession. After the divorce from the possibly very well-paid husband, the money is often only enough to live on thanks to the divorce maintenance.

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