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Startup Report 2020: Silicon Valley, New York, London: These are the startup strongholds of the world message


Startup Genome took a close look at almost 300 “startup kosystems” in this year’s report. This analysis resulted in a ranking of the 40 global leaders and a list of the 100 emerging locations. The quality of such an ecosystem is measured by various factors, which are different in the respective areas. This includes the performance, financing options, market reach and networking of the ecosystem, as well as the concentration of talented specialists there, the research carried out and the quality of the registered patents.

The top locations in the world

Number one in the ranking and thus the mecca of the startup scene is the well-known Silicon Valley. Since the first Global Startup Ecosystem Report in 2012, it has led the top group as the undisputed top location. Except for networking, Silicon Valley fulfills all factors with top marks.

Second place must share two cities. As a result, New York City and London fought a head-to-head race in which neither of them could prevail. The slight weakness of these ecosystems lies in the number and quality of the existing patents and the research carried out. Nevertheless, the development of London is quite remarkable. The British capital has risen from eighth to second place since 2012. In addition to a high level of investment, the drivers of success were the strong influx of talented minds.

The remaining places in the top ten are occupied by the cities of Beijing, Boston, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Seattle and Stockholm.

Ascending ecosystems

European cities are one of the rising ecosystems. Apart from London, Amsterdam and Stockholm have also made impressive progress. While Amsterdam was still 19th in the ranking in 2015, it climbed to 12th place in this year’s report. The advantages of the Dutch capital lie in its very good logistical and social networking. Stockholm, on the other hand, indebted to 14th place in the ranking in 2017 and has now even risen to the top ten. According to the startup genome, the performance of the Swedish ecosystem was particularly driven by a large number of exits. For this reason, Stockholm is the second best startup location in Western Europe behind London.

In addition to the European leaders, the cities of Shanghai, Seattle and Washington, D.C. to the ascending ecosystems.

Berlin is losing importance

Berlin can be seen as one of the losers in the current Global Startup Ecosystem Report. The German capital lost six places compared to the previous year and slipped from tenth to 16th place in the ranking. His weaknesses are primarily in the area of ​​market reach and existing patents. At the European and global level, the top German location is becoming less important. In addition to London, Stockholm and Amsterdam, Paris also ranks ahead of Berlin in the ranking.

Despite the descent from Berlin, Germany is one of the six countries that were able to assert themselves in the ranking with several ecosystems. As another global top city, Munich also ranked 31st. This means that the Bavarian location also fell by five ranks compared to the previous year, but it was still able to keep among the 40 best ecosystems. In addition, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and the Rhineland placed other German ecosystems in the top 100 emerging locations.

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