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Successful meetings: Amazon boss Jeff Bezos: Two rules for successful meetings | message


Successful meetings are crucial for a successful company. Because in these the team comes together and talks about current topics, about future company goals or about possible problems. Jeff Bezos reveals how to hold meetings successfully. He has set two golden rules for this.

The right group size

The right group size is required for a meeting to run smoothly. The Amazon boss explains this using the “two pizza rule”. So there should only be enough people around that two pizzas are enough to fill them up. And he is not entirely wrong, because more participants could cause problems. This makes it more likely that employees will come unprepared or wander into irrelevant conversations.

Reading together

For his second rule, Bezos stipulates that all participants read a multi-page transcript together, which serves as a guide and in which the relevant meeting topics are contained. The document should not be sent to the employees in advance, but read together during the meeting. This way you could avoid the problem that participants come unprepared. It also saves employees time, because many have other tasks that do not always make it possible to carefully read through multi-page documents. editors

Image Sources: TOMMASO BODDI / AFP / Getty Images

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