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The euro falls to $ 1,1126 in a negotiation without impulses

The euro falls to $ 1,1126 in a negotiation without impulses


The euro went down today in a bargain-free negotiation, waiting for details of the trade agreement between the United States (USA) and China, and in which figures for US inflation.

The single currency was changed around 16.15 GMT to $ 1,1126, compared to $ 1,1133 in the last hours of the European trading of the foreign exchange market of the previous day.

The European Central Bank (ECB) today set the reference exchange rate of the euro at $ 1,1115.

Inflation rose in December in the US to 2.3%, the highest level for a year, due to the increase in energy prices.

After announcing that it stops considering China as a “currency manipulator” country, the US government said it will include Switzerland on the watch list for manipulating its currency.

US President Donald Trump and Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Liu He, head of China’s negotiating team during the commercial lawsuit, will sign an agreement tomorrow to begin the process to resolve their differences.

The fluctuation band of the euro against the dollar today ranged between $ 1,1104 and $ 1,1145.

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