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The future of jobs: make money without leaving home message


h2> The possibilities of the Internet

Until a few years ago, work models such as “home office”, “job nomad” or “micro jobs” still sound like a long way off, but times are changing rapidly, and so are the demands of employees and employers. Today, everyday work looks much more flexible in many areas and working from home is part of everyday life for many jobseekers. In the meantime, the Internet has created numerous jobs that are especially designed for home work. Even with existing employment relationships, it is often worth talking to the boss if there is a desire for regular times in the home office. For those who are still looking for a dream job at home, we have collected some suggestions.

Micro jobs

Nowadays there are countless websites and apps that offer so-called “micro jobs”. The field of activity usually consists of answering online surveys or helping with data collection. However, these activities often cannot generate a regular income and are therefore at best suitable as a part-time job to improve his salary. Working as a product tester is also a job that can be done from home. However, instead of receiving a salary for their work, they usually receive products for free and, under certain circumstances, also receive a small allowance. All that is required is to create a test report and answer questions about the product.

Your own business

If the pay for a micro job is too low, you can also set up your own business from the comfort of your own home. Agencies, magazines and independent customers are always looking for freelance copywriters or translators. However, the prerequisite is that you have the appropriate experience and a certain level of talent. Then, after a while, your own business in home work can develop into a lucrative full-time job. The same applies to freelance work as a web designer or other jobs for which only digital communication with the customer is necessary.

The next generation

They are often smiled at for what they do, but the so-called influencers and bloggers have not only turned the marketing and advertising industry upside down, but also shown that they can earn a lot of money from home. With their own blog, YouTube channel or social media account and the resulting income from product sales and advertising, many have earned a regular income and can make a living from their website.

With luck and know how

There are other unconventional ways to make money conveniently from home on the Internet. With a good degree of luck and know-how, you can make a living, for example, with computer games, stocks or poker games in online casinos. However, one should keep in mind that this form of activity always involves a certain risk and may not represent a regular income.

Earn quick money

If you can’t wait so long and would rather like to earn something quickly, you can use various platforms on which you can sell things for which you no longer have any use. A valuable collection of records in the basement or rarely worn designer clothing can quickly improve your wallet. But furniture, electrical appliances or home-made items can also be quickly converted into money in this way.

Editorial office

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