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This is how Bitcoin, Litecoin & Co. are developing on the crypto market today message


The price of the digital currency Bitcoin is now at $ 6,734.03 in the red. The previous day, the price was $ 6,929.92.

Bitcoin Cash Rate Reduced Bitcoin Cash Rate to $ 221.19 after hitting $ 234.39 the previous day.


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The Ethereum is down at $ 152.72. The previous evening, the rate of the digital currency was still $ 159.19.

The Litecoin price fell to $ 40.31 the previous day. Here was still $ 42.10 on the course board.

The ripple price is trading at $ 0.1834 on Monday. The ripple price fell below the previous day’s $ 0.1904.

The Cardano rate is trading at $ 0.0324. The previous day, the Cardano was still at $ 0.0339.

Today the Monero price fell to $ 51.98. The Monero price fell below the previous day’s level of $ 55.32.

The IOTA rate dropped to $ 0.1572. The IOTA thus missed the previous day’s level of $ 0.1628.

The Verge rate fell on Monday. At noon, the Verge fell to $ 0.0026, from $ 0.0027 the previous day.

The Stellar price is down to $ 0.0475 the previous day. There was still $ 0.0496 on the course board.

The NEM course has a red sign compared to the previous day. Most recently, the NEM was $ 0.0371.

The dash price dropped to $ 72.14 from the previous day’s $ 76.83 price.

The NEO is worth $ 7.159 on Monday. The NEO was down from the previous day when it was trading at $ 7.634.

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