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Too secret for Google ?: Mysterious places worldwide that Google Maps is not allowed to show | message


When the alphabet subsidiary Google published its map service Google Maps 2005, it caused a lot of excitement. Some enjoyed the opportunity to explore distant places and sights with a few clicks or to search for their own house. But institutions and companies in particular were less pleased about this. There are now places all over the world that have been blurred for a variety of reasons.

Secret and forbidden places

Some states have asked Google to touch up certain areas in their countries. They fear that terrorists could easily come up with plans for strategically important areas. It is still primarily military facilities, but also nuclear power plants, airports and government buildings. Even entire regions, such as a large part of North Korea, were made unrecognizable for the map users. However, some countries also go in the opposite direction. The White House and the Capitol in Washington can now be seen more than just a blank spot in the landscape.

But to make it unrecognizable is not to make it unrecognizable. Some buildings are heavily pixelated that you can only see their shape and outline. Other areas, on the other hand, are “whitened”, so that apart from white you see very little or nothing at all. A few buildings are simply completely retouched.

Pixelated and erased spots on the map

Area 51 in Nevada is one of the best known secret locations. According to various speculations, research with aliens and atomic bomb tests has already been carried out. Reason enough to secure the area as well as possible. Google Maps provides a good overview of the huge area, but not much more can be seen.

In Hudspeth County in the US state of Texas, the border to Mexico has been blurred on Google Maps for a length of 24 kilometers. There could be two reasons for this: either to make it difficult for illegal immigrants from Mexico to enter the United States. Or in order not to give Mexican drug couriers the opportunity to use the map service to find their way to the USA.

If you look with maps to Kazakhstan near the city of Lisakovsk, you will find a huge pentagram there. It has a diameter of 366 meters and made an unprecedented name on the Internet. However, archaeologist Emma Usmanova revealed the secret behind the five-pointed star. “It is the outline of a park in the shape of a star.” she explained. In her opinion, the pentagram is a Soviet star. At that time it was a popular symbol for facades, buildings and monuments.

For the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the world, Google Maps came up with something very special. From the viewpoint from above, there are some points where you can dive under the water surface and experience the breathtaking diversity of colorful animals and plants.

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