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Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) integrates Verimatrix key white box cryptographic technology into the customer’s primary control function to protect consumer printers | message


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Verimatrix, the leader in powering the modern connected world with person-centric security, announced today that its value-added reseller, Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) Corporation, has implemented Verimatrix Whitebox cryptographic key protection technology in one of the country’s leading manufacturers of consumer printers . Whitebox is part of the Verimatrix Application Shielding solution family.

“Exposed cryptographic keys are a major vulnerability in IoT code for attached devices,” said Asaf Ashkenazi, chief operating officer at Verimatrix. “Our whitebox tool enables Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) to break keys into the code itself and obfuscate algorithms to protect its customers’ critical intellectual property, applications, devices and data. The use of our whitebox technology in the Devices from a leading electronics manufacturer exemplifies our ability to easily enable partners to deploy advanced security architectures – an ability unmatched in our industry – and we are delighted to be working with such a respected partner as Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) to deliver their Extending IoT Protection Capabilities to Print “.

Dependency on hardware-based security can be costly and cumbersome. For this reason, Verimatrix Whitebox works in a pure software environment without expensive, robust hardware. With this approach, an application can support any device without incurring provisioning fees or the hassle of organizing and paying for access. With Verimatrix Whitebox, Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) can quickly protect its customers’ printing ecosystem from cyber attacks.

“As a trusted local Verimatrix partner, we offer manufacturers significant added value throughout the IoT security selection and implementation process,” said Takashi Shigeishi, senior sales manager at Toshiba Information Systems (Japan). “The flexibility and scalability of Verimatrix technology is very attractive to demanding manufacturers. Verimatrix gives both the integration partner and the device manufacturer control over the advanced IP protection – this is a strong selling point as we are constantly striving to increase the security benefits for our To maximize customers, “added Takashi Shigeishi, senior sales manager at Toshiba Information Systems (Japan).

About Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) Corporation

Since it was founded in 1962, Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) Corporation has always used the most advanced technologies in the information industry. As a leader in information services, the company has used this technology to meet a wide variety of computerization needs from businesses and society as a whole. Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) is now facing the challenges of accelerated change in information technology and is determined to be a reliable partner for integrated IT solutions for its customers. Visit

About Verimatrix

Verimatrix (Euronext Paris: VMX) is helping to keep the modern connected world safe for people. We protect digital content, applications and devices with intuitive, human-centric and seamless security. Leading brands turn to Verimatrix to secure everything from premium movies and live streaming sports to sensitive financial and health data to mission-critical mobile applications. We enable the trusted connections our customers rely on to deliver compelling content and experiences to millions of consumers around the world. Verimatrix helps partners get to market faster, easily scale, protect valuable revenue streams, and enter new markets. To learn more, visit

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