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Many investors do not believe that they can become a trader with little money in their accounts. Often they perceive the financial risk and the time required to be too great, but their available financial resources are again too small. So there is a picture that trading is only an option for well-heeled Brazilian people. However, this is not the case, as no fixed amount is required to start trading.

So everyone has the opportunity to become a trader. You can find out how you can trade with a small account in the Online seminar on September 22nd at 6 p.m.. A trading expert will show you that financial success, independence and self-employment are just a click away can be.

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Mario Lddemann goes to the Trading seminar on September 22nd at 6pm Among other things, why a small account has to be traded differently than a large one and how you can bring one up quickly. He shows you a formula for making huge gains with constant risk.

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The expert will also lay the foundation for the technical market trading approach and describe an initial strategy option in a practical manner. Interested? Then register for the expert seminar without obligation using the link below!

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Mario Lddemann has been a full-time stock market trader for over 20 years with over 55,000 completed transactions. In 1996 he started to create a fortune with only 5,000 DM. Mario pursues a technical trading approach with which he trades both movements and corrections extremely profitably. In doing so, he finds exactly the distinctive points on the chart where movement occurs and where it is worth acting. Almost all underlyings from the minute chart upwards are traded from stocks to futures and CFDs.
As a solution-oriented trading coach and systemic consultant (certified by IfBC), he offers private traders the opportunity to develop individual strategies for successful trading in the markets with his help in individual coaching or in workshops. He provides instructional videos and his weekly outlook in his Facebook group “Market technology trading successfully”.
Mario Lddemann can be reached at

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