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As a family with children, you are often tied to fixed vacation times. These are the vacation seasons in which the travel costs are usually high. To save, many families often book their vacation weeks or months earlier. But wouldn’t a booking by last minute also be possible?

Everyone has to decide for themselves how to plan their vacation. Some plan weeks ahead even without children, others like to take the time until the end. Both types of booking are associated with discounts. Depending on the offer, one type of booking may be cheaper than the other. Nevertheless, both have advantages and disadvantages.

Last minute for spontaneous travelers

Last minute trips are available to customers from tour operators, airlines or hotels who have travel offers that have not yet been sold. For them it is more worthwhile to make a small profit than no profit at all. Therefore, they offer their offers at discounted prices. There are also advantages for travelers: You do not have to take out travel cancellation insurance and do not have to wait long for the departure because the time between booking and departure is relatively short. If you book by last minute, you can save up to 70 percent.

One disadvantage is that you have to be relatively flexible. You can not always choose the holiday country freely, you have to spend the night in certain hotels and there is no great freedom when it comes to travel. Such trips are therefore particularly suitable for singles and couples who have spontaneously given days off from work and want to switch off abroad. They don’t mind taking what they get.

Is it worth booking early?

If you are not flexible, because you like to plan your vacation long in advance, or because family circumstances do not allow it, book early. Whoever does this has more leeway – when it comes to choosing a holiday destination, hotel and travel time. The earlier you book, the higher the discount. Nevertheless, you have to consider that living conditions can change in the meantime and prevent the trip. For example, a job loss or an illness. In this case, the travel cancellation insurance applies, which reimburses at least part of the amount. Depending on the season, 35 to 50 percent can be saved.

Depending on the type of booking, prices must still be observed and compared. You cannot say in general which trip is cheaper. Everyone has to weigh the pros and cons and decide what is right for them.

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