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Trump – China Wants To Prevent My Reelection message


– by Steve Holland

Washington (Reuters) – US President Donald Trump has accused China of preventing his re-election and using the coronavirus pandemic to do so.

“China will do everything in its power to make me lose this race,” Trump said in an interview with Reuters on Wednesday. China’s handling of the virus outbreak is evidence of this. The country is trying to portray itself as innocent in public. Trump has accused China of not providing sufficient information about the pathogen. The resulting pandemic cost at least 60,000 lives in the United States and plunged the economy into a deep recession. According to a recent poll, Republican Trump is currently behind his likely Democratic challenger Joe Biden before the November presidential election.

The U.S. wanted to find out what had happened, Trump said, looking at the source of the virus and China’s response to the outbreak. He left open the consequences of behavior for the People’s Republic. When asked whether he was considering measures in the context of customs policy, he did not comment directly. “There are many things I can do.” The United States and China had imposed tariffs on each other under Trump until a trade agreement was reached. Trump said China wanted its democratic rival Biden to move into the White House to relieve pressure on Beijing.

Trump’s economic policy had earned him the approval of many Americans. Most recently, the 73-year-old was also accused of responding too late to the corona pandemic. A survey conducted by Reuters and the Ipsos polling institute this week showed that 44 percent of registered voters are behind ex-president Biden, 77, and 40 percent behind the incumbent. Trump said he doesn’t believe this poll. The Americans are smart. “And I don’t think they’re going to take a man who’s incompetent.” Biden had been unsuccessful in the past 30 years. “Everything he has ever done was bad. His foreign policy was a disaster.”

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